Promotional Products Going Forward

I wrote an article in March 2017 about the growth of technology in the promotional products industry, now it’s a few months later and the growth of technology continues. While I would like to talk a little more on this, there are other things to consider when planning your next campaign.

I have noticed the promotional product nz industry is aligning itself more with what is happening in the retail sector; while still playing catch-up, the industry is a lot quicker to react to any perceived trend (fidget spinners for example). This is exciting and face paced as products will come and go while your staples of pens, bags and plastic drink bottles remain. Of course, the retail sector has always had a domino effect through to the promotional products nz industry, but what has changed is the speed that suppliers are reacting to those trends in as little as a few months.

Another area for future growth is the Eco sector, as there has been a shift in a lot of client’s thinking on sustainable and recyclable products used for branding. Green branding is a smart way to promote your business, by showing you care and are willing to make a difference; you instill a perceived trust as a company to do business with. Like it or not the debate about global warming is here and by using Eco products, no matter which way you lean, you can only do a positive thing for both your image and the planet. Things you might want to consider for your next campaign:

Metal drink bottles instead of plastic
Eco bamboo flash drives.
Notebooks made from recyclable products.

While Eco branding is not a new concept, I predict it will continue to grow over the coming months and years to play a major part in the promotional industry.

To go full circle and back to talking about using technology in branding both in the present and the future, only the foolish would not utilise it. I for one am excited about where it will go and the journey to get there, so why not use it to your advantage? I ask you to look around as you read this blog and see how many technological devices you can count. Get your brand on one!!