Time to Get Results From Your Next Advertising Campaign

Is your Advertising budget getting blown out with little results?
It might be time to include promotional products in you next campaign. It’s more affordable than you think and can be directed at your target audience (who will sing your praises) and we all know the strength of word of mouth. You will get longevity and value for money with the use of promotional products nz, unlike a flyer or a business card that will most probably end up in the bin (hopefully the recycling). Seriously if you’re not using them why wouldn’t you be?

Before you commit to your next radio or newspaper campaign ask yourself the questions below.

If asked, would your customer remember what, if anything you gave then last Christmas?
If you give a memorable gift not only will they remember you but they will tell their friends and colleagues.

Did your last advertising campaign work?
You just paid for 1000’s of flyers and their delivery (even put in a special promo code) and the results were minimal. Promotional Products don’t get thrown away, around 60% of all promotional products are kept for up to 4 years.

Ask yourself, after all the hard earned money you have spent on advertising, do people really know where you are and what you do?
Branded Tee’s or a double lined thermal drink bottle (hot this year) with all your contact details on can really punch your message home.

There are too many reasons why and very few against so now is the time to take that leap of faith. Here at Tell and Sell that is what we do and we are (tempted to use the B word as my kids would say) good at it. We are proud to be an APPA member so you can feel secure in your purchases and have the comfort of knowing you are getting a high quality promotional products nz.