A Quick Overview of Some of the Printing Methods for Promotional Products

Does your Promotional Products supplier rattle of all these terminologies like Pad Print, Screen print and will throw in the odd wording like Applique & Reverse Applique to really get your overworked brain confused. My aim is to simplify that, and have given a short overview below of the most common methods used for printing of promotional product nz.

Pad Print:

This method has a limitation to the graphic size of print that can be achieved due to the clearance of the machinery. There can also be limitations if a multi-colour brand is required on a larger item due to pad crash, this is when the product gets in the way of the secondary colours. If doing a multi-colour brand, set up cost and print cost can start to mount up as both are charged for each colour of your brand. Pad Print is ideal for printing on non-flat objects and can capture the finer detail in your artwork with extreme clarity.

Flat Bed and Rotary Screen Print:

Is able to achieve a larger print area on flat and cylindrical surfaces and is the most common brand for apparel (100% Cotton is the best) if there are only one a few colours in the branding. Has limitations when it comes to printing, with half tones and finer detail and like the pad print requires both a set up cost and printing cost for each colour.

Digital Transfer:

Ideal for textile product and bags if a multi coloured brand is required. This has the advantage of only one set up fee and can be a cost effective way of achieving a crisp, clear replication of your artwork. Can also print variable text like individual names.

Direct Digital:

This involves the printing of full colour or spot colour branding directly from the print heads to either a flat or slightly curved surface. This is a good method for printing dark colours and a layer of white can be applied first to make the darker colours stand out. This method can also print close to the edge on flat surfaces and is perfect for larger print areas. As above it only requires one set up fee and can also print variable text like individual names if required on promotional products nz

Laser Engrave:

This produces a permanent natural finish with the use of a laser and different materials can make different effects. This brand can have a higher perceived value, with the added advantage of being a permanent part of the product and ability to print variable text like individual names. Fine detail can be lost on smaller branding areas along with a restricted size of the print area.

These are only a few of the branding methods used and among the most common ones used. A good Promotional Products supplier should be able to advice and work with you to provide the best result for your chosen products. We get regular calls from people who have been confused by the information their supplier has provided to them and after a few simply questions and suggestions the stress has been lifted and direction is achieved. Next blog I want to delve into some of those branding methods with the big technical wording.Be sure to watch this space.