Tell and Sell will benefit your business or event. We’ll make a believer out of you.

Tell and Sell and your promotions go together like cookies and milk (or like rum and Coke, depending on the day). We’re here to complement your advertising with high-quality giveaway items and we take your advertising needs EXTREMELY seriously. You’re Tell and Sell representative will make it a personal mission to ensure that your promo products are exactly the way you want them, from the size of your logo to the colour of the item itself… and everything in between.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that custom water bottles and stress balls aren’t your proverbial cup of tea, or that you distributed a promo item in the past that didn’t go over as well as you’d hoped. That’s not your fault, and as with any advertising effort, it’s beneficial to jump back onto that saddle and try again-and we’ll be there to give you the boost you need!

Our staff can help you by hand-selecting the perfect promotional items for your marketing needs, whether you want popular items like personalised pens or less-common giveaway items. We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach does NOT work in this business, so if you have questions, then we’re your problem solvers! We are standing by to guide you to your marketing destination. And unlike many companies out there, Tell and Sell will keep you in the loop about your order of promotional items until it’s delivered to your doorstep.

FICTION: Imprinted promotional products aren’t worth the money.

Promotional products bring you valuable brand impressions at an inexpensive price, and that’s a fact. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating dollars to television advertisements or social media promotions; actually, diversity should play a part in any successful marketing campaign. However, sometimes you need something tangible for your product promotions or trade show giveaways, and that happens to be our area of expertise!

Have you ever received business promotional items like custom travel mugs from conventions or customer loyalty programs? We’re willing to bet that you still have a dozen personalised pens or at least one custom stress ball from an event of yesteryear. Or, you know those personalised water bottles you see people using at the gym or during a jog Believe it or not, those custom logo products don’t grow on trees-they come from us! Giveaway items are worth your time and energy because they make a meaningful impact on your audience.

FACT: Tell and Sell is here to HELP you with your promotional item needs, not to treat you like a dollar sign.

We are NOT a promotional products supplier that makes undeliverable promises or uses slimy sales techniques. We won’t talk you into an order of 6,000 pens when you really only need 150. You won’t feel pressured to purchase drink bottles that are out of your price range or to order enough promotional stress balls to pass down to future generations. We specialise in custom branded products at an affordable cost to you and the organisation you represent.

If you’re looking for a company that delivers cheap promotional items that fall apart after only two uses, then you’ll have to go somewhere else. Sorry, but we have high standards for our merchandise and we only specialise in quality promotional products. And quality products are EXACTLY what you’ll get when you choose our imprinted stress ballsprinted teescustom mouse pads, or any of our logo giveaways for your promotions. Yes, that’s a promise!

Well, are you ready to release your brand name into the wild with logo goods? We’re the right people for the job Shop with full confidence in not only our products but also in our policies, and reach out to us if you need any questions answered. The world of promo item giveaways seems like an endless jungle, but you’ll never brave it alone when you count on Tell and Sell