Promotional Products 2017 And Technology

What value do you put on your Loyal Customers?

An important way to remind your customers or team members how important and valued they are, is to use Promotional Products. Choosing the appropriate products, how you package and present them is your next challenge, with thousands of choices from Pens to high end Blue Tooth Speakers??

Technology is playing an increasing role in our lives, my smart phone is an extension of my arm and personally I would rather get a promotional smart phone accessory as a giveaway than a pen, not saying a pen hasn’t got its place, but may not hold the same personalised value.

The fact is all people like Promotional Products and they all have a purpose, but I ask you to consider the following.

• What are your loyal customers’ worth to you?
• Are you giving something that your customer will value and use?
• What does a cheap gift say to your loyal customers?
• Demographics (younger people love technology)

I was recently instrumental in a successful promotional campaign for one of our long term customers who was ready for change. We ran a Promotional campaign where the free giveaways were out in front of shop, like pen’s and keyrings. At the same time they had branded Flash Drives for the customers that potentially might bring a better return for your increased Promotional Dollar. They didn’t just get it for nothing though, in this case they filled out a customer survey and permission to follow up for the future, this way data and permissions were collected for future marketing.

There is no one “glove fits all” approach to marketing using Promotional Products, but using Technology in your branding in my view is a no brainer. We have found in our business, an increasing number of marketing managers we deal with are in the mid to younger age bracket (Technology Savvy), hence it makes sense to promote using something that will be utilised (Branded Power Banks, Headsets, USB Car Charges).

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