How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Promotional Products?

So you are keen on or have been using promotional products to promote your brand? Good choice as you will get so much exposure and customer loyalty if you’re message comes attached to a gift. Below I have outlined 4 main points to consider before you endeavor on your next self-promotion products nz campaign.

1: Analyse the work that your client or intended audience preforms
Consider what product to use in your next promotion carefully, it is no use spending a fortune on a product that will not be used and end up sitting on in the bottom draw collecting dust. If you’re in the fitness industry then a drink bottle or a cooling towel would be more suitable than a multi tool or mini tyre gauge keyring. We recently assisted with a promotion for a global brand where they incorporated a cooling towel rolled inside a sports drink bottle now that hits the mark and value for money marketing.

2: Separate you personalised gifts from your general ones
What I mean by this is know what your intended promotion products supposed to achieve. Products such as pens should be left in a container on your counter or distributed freely to spread your brand as the intent is circulation as pens do. Consider a low priced branded gift instead of business cards as most people receive stacks of business cards they will never look at. If your gift is intended to be personalised then consider what you client will use on a daily basis, like a credit card sized flash-drive, a thermal mug or looking out the window (raining again) all though not used daily, an umbrella can be a walking billboard.

3: Organise selected times for your promotional product campaigns or around special times of the year.
If you are a smaller business this is a great strategy to make the most effective impact, this may be only once or twice a year maybe Christmas or to celebrate years in business. Your customer or audience will come to see this as something to look forward to, and implant a memory of your brand that will resonate.

4: A feeling created is just as important as the gift itself.
When deciding your next promotional products gift give some thought about how to implant a memory this is the true value of your brand. I have had clients say to me giving branded hand-made chocolates is waste of time and has no longevity value, but with pleasure comes memories after all we want people to think of our brand before our competitors. The truth is our logo is only part of the marketing story. Having a client happy and feeling positive about us is the measure of real success. If you get sent something delectable in the mail do you tell your friends and business colleagues? Word of mouth is our greatest marketing tool ever.

I hope you got something positive out of the above for your business and while every business has different needs, the promotional product nz industry has access to thousands of products so you are bound to find something to suit. If you need help or have any questions contact us here at Tell and Sell we love to share our knowledge and offer our assistance.