Fidget Spinners Hot For 2017

What is this new stress toy, where did it come from and where is it going? From a device dreamed up in Israel with the intention of keeping the young boys occupied, to a must have now in 2017. Those of you that haven’t heard of it google it now, or take a peek on our website

While visiting her sister in Israel Catherine Hettinger heard about young boys throwing rocks at the police officers and wanted to create some sort of product that would distract them and provide a calming toy to play with. Her first thought turned to a soft rock to throw, but upon returning to her home in Orlando the fidget spinner was born.

The Fidget was rejected by toy companies in the 90s but now over 20 years later those same companies struggle to keep up with demand. The original patent ran out some years ago so now manufactures all over the world are free to make, modify and cash in on this latest craze. This is the hottest and most exciting opportunity I have seen for promotion in a long while, the price bracket is very affordable and they are addictive. Stock in volume is hard to get. Just the other day I had to source from our world source range via America to fulfill a client’s order.

Stock is arriving at the end of this month and pre-orders are huge. These are fun affordable and the perfect way to spread your brand. They are popular with children through to grandparents, from students through to executives, these are the buzz for 2017. Pre-order now to secure stock. Minimum order of 100 to 250 units